Why We Love Walk-In Showers

There are so many reasons to love these walk in showers, but here are our top 3!

1. Accessibility

The showers can be installed with little to no curbs, which makes getting in and out much safer for everyone, especially those who may have trouble maneuvering traditional tub/shower combos such as small children.  Another great feature of walk-in showers is the optional built in bench!

2. Frameless doors

Frameless glass shower doors are sleek, and easy to clean.  With no crevices of metal frames, there are less places for soap scum to build up, or rust streaks.

3. Color Choices

When buying a traditional shower surround, your choices are most likely “White” or “Less White”.  With a custom walk in shower, you will find that there are a great amount of colors & patterns to choose from.  You can even use matching materials for things like vanity tops, custom whirlpool tubs, and

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